Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the New Blog

After several months of consideration and constantly changing my mind, I have moved Shipwrecked and Comatose to this location.

S&C started out on MySpace in 2006. I knew I had to have a blog because my brain is just so stuffed full of junk that I had to let it all out. Since I’m a huge attention whore, I felt like I had to make that stuff public. I would blog about my experiences, my opinions, my observations, and random ideas that popped into my head.

As time went on, the novelty of blogging wore off. First it began to feel like I was just constantly blogging about everything that happened to me. Everything I said, did or felt became something I had to go blog about. I was living my life in blogs, experiencing life less for the sake of wondering how I was going to blog about it. A bitter edge crept into my blogs at times. I felt that I wasn’t self-censoring enough and I was saying things in my blog that really weren’t benefitting anyone. My blog audience was becoming less enchanted with my writing and so I wasn’t getting the attention I craved. S&C became a much quieter, calmer place.

I focused my attentions in 2007 on a new blog, The Essential Rhubarb Pie, a blog that deals with my most favorite topic – food. I found a wonderful community in the food blogosphere and made even more new friends than I had ever made on MySpace.

Along came Facebook and most of my friends on MySpace migrated there. Facebook allowed me to spew random thoughts in status updates and what I wrote was constantly being read, so it made me even less interested in S&C.

In the past year I have wanted to get some of that blogging mojo back. I realized my brain was still stuffed with topics, but I was growing lazy about writing them down. I wanted to start writing regular non-food blogs again. I could learn to strike a balance between living and blogging.

I just wasn’t sure I wanted to blog on MySpace anymore.

My MySpace blog fed into Facebook, so my friends could read it without having to log into MySpace, so lack of public attention wasn’t a problem. I was just tired of MySpace. Hardly any of my friends used their accounts anymore. I was maintaining different online accounts for different blogs, which seemed sort of silly.

In the end I decided to stay with MySpace. At the time, the software seemed to have more stability than Blogger’s. I also had a few friends on MySpace who were not on Blogger or Facebook. I wanted to stay in touch with them. I had already created the page for Blogger just in case I changed my mind, but I took an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mindset.

Lately I find myself blogging much more than I used to. I find myself going back and forth with Blogger, MySpace and Facebook trying to maintain the blogs and the feeds. It was getting on my nerves. Although the MySpace software seemed better 10 months ago, currently it has been driving me crazy and Blogger seems to have improved. Blogger is also better for posting photos. If I want to load a photo into a MySpace blog, I have to load it into an album and then post it to the blog from there. Blogger allows me to load photos right from my camera. That makes it far easier to illustrate my blog.

Blogger has one disadvantage. Sometimes I don’t want to share my thoughts and sometimes I only want to share them with a select group of people. MySpace has options for Friends Only, Preferred Readers, and Private. Blogger has no such filter. Either the entire blog is private or the entire blog is public. The only thing I can do for a private blog is just not publish the post. I have a LiveJournal account that I use mostly because I belong to a couple communities there, but I do have a journal on that site. The journal is just my personal diet and fitness blog, which no one reads because it’s not relevant for anyone, but it does allow me to privatize posts, so I can make a private post there if I need to make a diary-type entry.

So I have finally made the decision to move my blog here after all. I’ll have two blogs in one place under one password. I can still feed the blog into Facebook. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a bit of a cross audience with my food blog.

I have a few “classic” posts that are favorites of mine that I have stored here for future reposting. This will keep new viewers from having to go through old MySpace archives (I’m keeping my profile up a while longer ) to see some of my best work.

I wish I had some kind of prize for a giveaway. I’d love to offer something to a random person who knows the reference for my blog name!