Friday, July 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

(Per my desire to make sure I have one blog post every week)

Last night I was watching a past Dr. Who episode on Netflix (wonder what we'll be doing with that service in the near future), and I started to geek out to the extreme.

I thought of all of the times and places the Doctor visits.  I considered that maybe he should visit some already existing fantasy universes.

The Doctor goes up against Darth Vader.

The Doctor confronts Q.

The Doctor tells off Zaphod Beeblebrox. 

Daleks vs. Cylons.

If just thinking about this wasn't geeky enough, I considered the large amounts of crossover fanfiction I could write.  Oh the slash potential!!!

I could say I need a hobby, but I have hobbies.  I think my brain just needs to be restrained sometimes.  It goes places brains should never go.


It seems that only is the US are shorts considered socially acceptable streetwear for adults.  Even in the US shorts have their vocal opposition.  There are coworkers in my office attempting to ban shorts in the office.  That nasty lady from What Not To Wear opposes shorts on adult women (I'd gladly wear shorts just to piss her off).  I can remember how when I was 12 I went on vacation via bus and my grandmother demanded I wear long pants because it was not acceptable to wear shorts when traveling.  (Everyone else on the bus was wearing shorts.  It was July.  I was not a happy camper.)

Despite this, Americans love their shorts and I don't think we will be giving them up any time soon.  There are folks who love their shorts so much that they will put them on at the tiniest hint of snow melt - even if they still need to wear two or three layers of clothing on top!

Shorts are easy to wear, and likely easy to make.  They don't take much fabric.  They don't take much labor.  By the nature of their utility, they don't need to be made with expensive fabrics.  Cotton will do just fine.  Few articles of clothing could be simpler. 

Now would someone please tell me why they have become so expensive?

I want shorts for my upcoming vacation.  I thought it would be easy to find a few pairs.  I need shorts that fit well, aren't too short or too long, and are made of a fairly sturdy fabric that isn't going to show my underwear. 

I went to Old Navy.  Everything fit poorly and was crap quality.  Lots of booty shorts too.  I don't want booty shorts.  I do have a firm, round, lovely booty that is definitely worth showing off, but unfortunately, the thighs beneath it are not worth showing off!  I do not want them exposed.  That store was out.

I went to The Sports Authority.  Just about every pair of shorts I liked was upwards of $35.  How can you get away with charging $35 for a pair or SHORTS?  I realized this wasn't the best place to look since SA is going to sell sports-specific shorts.  They aren't going to have too many pairs of casual, kickaround-on-a-hot-day kind of  shorts.  I needed a place with more variety.

I looked at Lands End.  They weren't a whole lot cheaper although there was a sale or two.  They sell a lot of bermudas.  I'm cool with bermudas, but I like to mix it up.  On really hot days I want something shorter (just not booty shorts).  I came away with one pair that suited my needs.

I went to the women's athletic catalogs like Athleta and Title 9.  Did I think that $35 was too much to pay for a pair of shorts?  Try $50.  Try $90!  Yes, I said ninety dollars for a single pair of shorts. 

I went to Marshalls, thinking somewhere on those crowded racks they would have what I needed.  I walked away with one pair. That's it.  Just one.   I will say that they are the perfect length and show off the fabulousness of my butt* and cost me very little.

So after this ordeal, I have walked away with only two pairs of shorts that suit my needs.  I suppose I should try Kohls, but I'm thinking this is the universe's way of telling me that I am a woman of a certain age whose thighs are massive and whose skin is beginning to buckle a bit (I'm not always as vigilant with the sunscreen as I like to think I am).  Perhaps summer needs a Plan B.

*Yes, I know.  My butt isn't all that.  Looking at it from my perspective however, it's one part of my body where the skin is smooth, sagging hasn't started, has good muscle tone, and isn't 3 inches bigger than it should be.  As far as I'm concerned, it's about as good as my body gets!

Am I the only person who just assumes I have or don't have certain supplies in the kitchen when I'm about to bake?  How much overstock do I have of stuff because I don't check?  I have more Karo than I know what to do with right now since I seem to think that every time I make a recipe that requires corn syrup (which isn't often), I will need to buy a new bottle. 

Then there are the staples I assume I have, but find out later that I don't.  Nothing like running out for flour or sugar after I have already preheated the oven and brought a stick of butter to room temp!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

About the Recent Verdict

I never want to serve on a jury.  It's not that I'm one of those people who just doesn't want to be bothered.  In fact, I understand it's my duty and it's an important task to perform.  I believe in the system.  I would never tell deliberate lies to get out of jury duty.  I still don't want to serve on a jury.

I don't want to serve on a jury because I can't stand the idea of someone's fate being in my hands that way.  I don't want to be responsible for an innocent person being locked away (or even killed) or a guilty person going free due to lack of evidence.  The idea that I could be responsible terrifies me.

The jury in the Casey Anthony trial did what they were supposed to do.  They looked at the evidence and saw that it was insufficient for conviction.  The problem is that everyone "knows" she did it.  (I heard a funny joke from Michael Moore this morning saying that the jury was unnecessary since Nancy Grace convicted Anthony weeks ago.)  The court of public opinion is far too strong in this country.  Those jury members were only doing their job and yet they will be pilloried the rest of their lives for the decisions they made.

Let's look at a different case: Scott Peterson.  This was another case where guilt was assumed by the entire country.  Many people felt that even though we all "know" he was guilty, the evidence wasn't really strong enough.  I heard a few rumblings at the time of his conviction that the justice system was falling prey to the court of public opinion.  Once again, the jury was filled with flawed human beings and not gods who knew everything.

What bothers me so much about the Court of Public Opinion is how it seems that Americans are able to work themselves into such an emotional lather over people they don't know.  We want to see an alleged criminal hang for crimes against a victim we never knew, would never know existed if it weren't for the power of television. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we cared about people in our communities who were suffering and dying as much as we cared about people on the other side of the country?  The desire to seek revenge and punish has gone way outside the scope of friends and family and is now in the hands of total strangers.  I really don't like that. 

Let's talk for a minute about why we care so much about certain victims.  Caylee Anthony was a tragedy, but it's hardly an isolated case.

Every day, right here in the United States, children go to bed hungry. 

Every day, all over the world, children are sold into sex trade, often by their own parents.

Every day, in the US, children are abused and neglected or killed in acts of violence.

Every day in Africa children die of AIDS.

We are shocked by Casey Anthony, without realizing that the person most likely to kill any child is its mother.

I do hope that if we, as Americans who claim to care for and love children, want revenge for all of the wrongs done against innocent children, that we feel this way about all children and not just adorable, doe-eyed suburban white children.