Thursday, August 12, 2010

OMG! I Did It!

I’m on my way. I have booked my trip to Paris. Kevin and I will be spending October 2-9 getting fat on French food and acting like crazy American tourists in celebration of our 9th anniversary.

I’m staying at Hotel Les Rives Notre Dame (once the residence of John Steinbeck). I’m hoping this hotel is as great as it looks. It’s a 10-room boutique hotel in the Latin Quarter with a view of the Seine and Notre Dame. The guide books and TripAdvisor all seem to have positive things to say about it. I’m hoping it’s as pretty and convenient as it looks online.

It goes to show you that perseverance does pay off. Just a few dollars here and there really can add up to the things you want. I will admit I did have some help from my family though, and I thank them for that because otherwise I think I might have to put this trip off for a year or two. Even if that happened, I still believe I could have made this happen even if it did mean waiting.

I can’t stop putting money away though. I need money for things like food and entertainment. This is Paris. I need to see museums and Versailles and the Eiffel Tower and boat trips down the Seine and SHOPPING! I have to try to put away a bit more than the $20 per week I’ve been putting away for the past year. I need to start scrimping on everything else so I can save everything for Paris. Let’s hope Kevin doesn’t mind eating beans and tuna for the next 7 weeks.

Yes that’s it. Seven weeks. Can you believe it? All my life I have wanted to see Paris, but I never really imagined the day I would actually make it there.
What’s next? A riding trip through Tuscany? Maybe a riding trip through the Provence or Carmauge. Once you make one dream a reality, so many other things seem possible.

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  1. Congratulations times a billion. :D So thrilled for you to be fulfilling one of your dreams. There is nothing on earth as good as that.