Thursday, September 16, 2010

If Mark Sanchez Wears a Shirt with a Target on It, Does That Give Me the Right to Shoot Him?

Why is it in our supposedly enlightened day and age, do we still blame the victim? Why do the media demonize the person who was not at fault?

Inez Sainz went to the training camp for a story. She was there to do a job. Various Jets team members were trying to prevent her from doing her job. Why? They wanted a better look at her. Is it her fault that she’s good looking? I have honestly heard it said by TV and radio personalities that if you’re a beautiful woman hanging around a group of jocks in the locker room, you should expect to be gawked at.

I have heard that she was inappropriately dressed. Sainz has said that she was dressed no differently than she normally dresses. She certainly looked hot in those pants, but she would likely look hot in anything short of a muumuu. Does she deserve to be distracted from doing her job because she committed the crime of being a good looking woman with a hot body?

Why do men still feel it’s their “right” to behave in inappropriate ways just because a woman “invites” such attention? Even if she were inviting it, you don’t have to accept the invitation. The entire burden is on the woman to dress in a way that won’t dare excite a man sexually. Why are men given no responsibility in their actions? I know I may at times make disparaging remarks about the male race and how they’re all a bunch of troglodytes, but really, I do believe men can control their impulses.

I know that Sainz has been downplaying the incident, although she did say the Jets were extremely rude, but I just feel this situation is an illustration of a bigger problem in society. Sainz had a job to do. She went to the Jets practice to do it and deserved the same level of respect and courtesy that would be granted any other reporter. The Jets had no “right” to do otherwise just because she’s hot. They could have simply let her do her interview in peace. Tight pants are no reason to throw footballs at someone who is trying to work.

Mark Sanchez looks pretty hot in tight pants. If a group of women started screaming catcalls at him, throwing things at him, and distracting him while he was trying to concentrate on the game, would that be okay? Why would the opposite not apply?

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