Monday, November 1, 2010

Classic Doggerel - Repost

So I heard that you are in London
I wish I could go there too
But I heard that it's raining in London
And I hope that it's raining on you!

It drips on Westminster Abbey
And runs down the sides of Big Ben
Then it pours and pours on your noggins
And keeps pouring and pouring again

The banks of the Thames are flooded
The Palace Gardens are a muddle
I laugh while I sit and imagine
All of you falling in a puddle

I've always known you to be
Extremely well prepared fellas
But I've often noticed in the past
You tend to forget your umbrellas

Take refuge in Tussards or Harrods
Or sip some afternoon tea
But soon you'll be out and you'll know it
You won't be as dry as me

It's sunny right here in our hometown
I can walk through the streets and stay dry
It's a week of really good hair days
And it's also good weather to fly

It was sunny when I last was in London
While back home it rained all week long
So consider that next time you're going
That it's better to take me along

No, I'm not bitter.

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