Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Odds and Ends

Backin the early days of blogging my blog would always be full of random thoughts and observations. Sometimes I miss those prolific days.  So today I present to you a compilation of some of the dumb stuff that's been on my mind lately.

The Paradox of Men

I'll never understand why some situations bother guys and others don't.

Brown ring in the toilet and yellow stains on the rim?  No problem!

Inch-thick layer of dust on the furniture?  What dust?

Mildew all over the ceiling?  It's a garden!

A pair of stockings hanging out to dry in the shower?  EW YUCK!  HORRIBLE!  TAKE IT AWAY NOW!

Pet Food

Am I the only one scratching her head at these commercials for seemingly "gourmet" pet food?

They're always showing these beautiful cuts of meat and fresh vegetables (odd considering cats and dogs are mostly carnivorous). 

We're talking about animals who will eat garbage, rodents, feces, and vomit.  Cats are gross.  Dogs are even grosser. 

Why, if cats and dogs will eat all manner of disgusting things willingly, and even enthusiastically, would we waste our delicious, high-end people food on them?  They clearly don't notice the difference.

End of the World?

There is a religious group out there that is predicting with certainty that the world will end on Saturday.

What does it mean, "the world will end"?  In what way is it ending?  Is it the end of the human race, or will all life die out?  Is it the literal destruction of the planet?  Is it simply a way of saying that something about our society will change and life will end as we know it?

How exactly will life on this earth be wiped out?  Will there be a series of nuclear strikes?  Will it be even more natural disasters (they have been happening rather frequently lately) that may not kill us all outright, but will eventually kill us from starvation, or murdering each other over remaining resources.  Will the Christian God just smite all of us unbelievers with lightning bolts and rapture the rest?  Is Saturday the date that the Vogons have set for demolition of Earth to make way for a new hyperspace byapass.

If you're going to try to scare me with prophecies of the world ending, at least you could be a bit clearer on the subject.  After all, if it's only people being wiped out, I want to know that my horses will be taken care of once I'm gone.  Perhaps I should leave the stall doors open when I leave the barn on Saturday night so they won't be trapped starving in their stall and can live on grass for a while?

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