Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style 101 - Subtle Daytime Glow

I came up with this look in one of my roundabout ways when someone gave me a sample of this and a trial of that.  I started using the products, some of which were colors I don't normally use, and found I liked them.

Last summer I was looking for bronzer bought a "shimmer strips" compact.  When I used it as a bronzer, I realized it looked ridiculous.  I want to look tan in the summer, but tans don't shimmer.  It looked quite fake.  I realized it might make a pretty shimmery but subtle eyeshadow.

The look starts with a base of tinted moisturizer, which gives my skin a dewy look and gets that "glow" thing started.  I also use a dash of concealer under the eyes.  

I use the peachy color on the lid with the white as a highlighter.  The very dark color at the bottom gets smudged into the outer corner and also applied lightly under the lower lid.

Blush is a tawny cream blush and then I use a very neutral lipstick.  The color is barely different from that of my lips, but this is one time I'm trying to keep the focus away from my lips.

Even though the only bronzing is on the eyes, I am sometimes told I look tan when I wear this makeup.  I think it's just the fact that I have a nice soft shine going on (which sadly this photo doesn't really showcase).  It's a nice changeup from the basic daytime face, but still isn't too made up.

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