Saturday, June 23, 2012


People like to tell me I'm a good writer, but I only write a few things well.  I can blog.  I can write training guides.  I sometimes branch out in plays and short stories (and even the occasional fanfiction for fun), but creative writing is something I enjoy doing, but don't do particularly well.

This goes double for poetry.  I love words.  I love explanations.  I love baroque turns of phrase.  Proper rhythm and meter is beyond me.

Nonetheless, every once in a while, something does inspire me in such a way that a poem-like thought comes to mind.  I came up with this after seeing some religious something-or-other on Facebook and thought about how the Stupid Old Men (the patriarchal religious establishment of the world, especially including, but not limited to, The Catholic Church) like to turn the very concept of life itself - the fact that women are the givers of life - on its head with their ridiculous creation story.  They promote the myth that woman first came from man - from a rib no less.  Why a rib?  As I thought about the whole rib thing, I found myself in a Homer Simpson drool and saying, "Mmmmm....ribs."  So this poem was born.


They say it was a rib
That's it. Just a rib.
A slightly curved short bone
No flesh, no blood No nerve endings
Why a rib?
Close the heart
Which pumps the river of life?
Why not from the head
A piece of the brain
Like the goddess of wisdom from the head of Zeus?
How about the spine
Our most important support structure?
Just a rib
Delicious rubbed with spices
Thrown on the grill
And smothered with barbecue sauce

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