Saturday, October 27, 2012

Something I Really Don't Get

I have begun to notice a pattern among people who complain nonstop about Obama "ruining the economy" with his "socialist" policies.

If the economy is in ruins, it doesn't seem these Republicans are suffering much from it.  I hear these complaints from people who seem to be doing quite well.  People who own nice houses.  People who can afford children and give them rather nice clothes and plenty of extra-curricular activities.  People who own all kinds of technology.  Families who have one parent staying home with the kids on a seemingly permanent basis.  Families who can afford multiple horses or expensive cars. 

They have all of this despite these supposedly crippling socialist policies that the president himself has put in place, apparently without the help of Congress.  How much they must be suffering!  Tell me again just how poor you are.  Remind me of how all of those handouts to people who are clearly lazy and undeserving.  How can you buy your kids the latest video games and designer clothing if those horrid poor people have the nerve to want to feed their children when they're out of work?  The nerve of them! 

What will happen if Obama is re-elected?  Will you have to cancel your plans to upgrade your Range Rover to an Escalade?  Will you have to send your kids to a second-tier school instead of Ivy League?  Maybe you'll have to settle for a trip to Hawaii instead of Bora Bora.  Oh the horror!

I'm sure if Romney is elected, you will never have to pay another dime of taxes again.  Poor people will stop having children.  Maybe they will all die off because they have no health care and you won't have to take care of them anymore.  You will have so much more than you already have, because you have suffered so much in the past four years. 

If you are a single mother working three jobs to make ends meet after losing a better-paying job five years ago and you really don't see a way out, I can understand where the rage against Obama would come.  If you had hoped for change and received none, then it would make sense to seriously contemplate what someone else can do for you.

If you're still enjoying a very comfortable middle-class, or upper-middle-class existence I'm not sure what you're complaining about.  You're worried about money?  Well, welcome to the human condition!  Glad you join the rest of us.

If you're just as successful and healthy under Obama as you were under Bush, then it's time to shut up.

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