Saturday, December 15, 2012

Irksome Facebook Post of the Week

In the midst of tragedy, comes lots and lots of stupidity.  I should probably just stay off Facebook so I can avoid being so thoroughly irked by the Gods 'n' Guns folks, but it's like a train wreck. I can't look away.

What post gets under my skin the most?

So what exactly do you mean that God isn't "allowed" in schools?  Last time I checked, there were no signs outside schools that say "No gods allowed."  I have seen signs that say "No dogs allowed."  Is this supposedly omnipotent God dyslexic?

The law states that a school, which is a public institution, can't sponsor any particular religion itself.  Schools can't tell a student what to believe, or when to pray, or state implicitly or explicitly that one particular belief system is the truth.  Children are free to believe what they wish to believe and act on those beliefs accordingly as long as they are not disruptive to the school activities or infringe upon the rights of other students.

So your omnipotent God doesn't get this? Is God that stupid?

Let's assume God does get this.  What God is saying here is that He/She doesn't like this rule.  It makes sense.  God said so in the Bible that He is jealous.  You're supposed to have no other gods before Him, right?  That means the beliefs of kids who aren't Christian shouldn't be respected in His eyes.  We're all supposed to worship one God and schools should encourage this, just as the Constitution says (wait a minute...)

What this is essentially saying is that God doesn't like the rules made by adults, so He refuses to do anything to prevent the slaughter of innocents who are simply living within the rules laid out for them.  God is just being a huge diva.

God is a real jerk if this statement is true.

Also, what's God's excuse for shootings in churches?

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