Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Week's Random Thoughts

Tip of the day:  Do NOT ever neglect to take your iPod, or at least your headphones, to the gym, even if you think you don't need them.  This week I went to Zumba class.  I didn't take my gym bag, which contained  my music gear, because I was going to Zumba and wouldn't need to be entertained.  I arrived at the gym to find that there was no class that night.  The teacher didn't show up.  I was stuck doing the hamster wheels for exercise with no music or even television to keep me from going crazy.

I don't like my new Lean Eating exercise phase.  I have no problem doing the exercises.  It's just that in the demos they provide for us they show a model doing front squats in the cage with 20 pound plates on the bar.  I went into the cage to do front squats and learned I can't even hold the bar in front unweighted.  Now that demo just makes me feel inadequate!

I know I said in another post that I should accept spring as is, but this weather is ridiculous.  It's the end of April.  Even on the "nice" days I need a coat.  We need some summer, stat!

Dear Men's Wearhouse: You are not likely to sell many suits when your model looks like Steve Urkel.

A definition of torture:  Sitting on the train home, starving and trying to hold out until you come home and can get something nutritious.  The person next to you is drinking a beer and eating a bag of pretzels.  The person across from you is eating a big bag of popcorn.  The person next to her has a big pastry from Zaro's.  You begin to hate humanity.

I know I have said it before on this blog, but I still hate the term "baby bump".

 I am wondering how many NRA members and assorted right wing gun nuts are going to cancel their subscription to Mad magazine after this month's issue.  I do enjoy this quote: Things that stop a bad guy with a gun - A good guy with a gun who happens to be in the exact right place and is able to fire off a split-second shot that happens to nail the bad guy.  

Lilacs, you are the cruelest flower.  You are such a pretty color and no flower on the planet smells so wonderful.  Why must your blooming season be so brief?  I can only enjoy your for a few short weeks.  Not fair!

Words to live by:  Hold on to your meatball and don't ever sneeze.

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