Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Thoughts for the Week

Are people who use their middle fingers to push elevator buttons just being passive-aggressive?

Speaking of elevators, I hate sharing the elevator with someone coming back from a smoke break!

When someone is France is acting in a way that others find obnoxious and self-aggrandizing, do the French exclaim "Quelle Shower!"

I still don't get Girl Scout Cookies.  Mint Milanos taste a thousand times better than Thin Mints, are available year-round, and are made with better quality ingredients.  Yet people still think Thin Mints are some kind of divine gift.

If someone says, "It's totes cool," are they trying to say it's as cool as my umbrella?

I often say I don't need to drink beer or coffee to prove I'm an adult.  The corollary to that is I don't need a tattoo to prove I'm still youthful.

Harney and Sons raspberry tea is kind of gross.  It's too bad since I bought it to help curb post-lunch sweet cravings.

How to be Dumb:  On the train today I noticed some brochures were left on the seats regarding commemorative items you can purchase in honor of the Grand Central Station centennial.  When I sat down, I neglected to actually pick it off the seat.  I promptly forgot about it.  

I was wearing a skirt, and with the naive optimism that a day in the middle of May wouldn't be cold, I was bare-legged.  When the train arrived at my station and I stood up to disembark, something felt weird.  My skirt kept brushing up against something. I felt something sticking out.

The forgotten brochure was sticking to my bare leg.  I had fun trying to peel it off in front of all of the other passengers. 

Sometimes I swear it's more dangerous to cross the sidewalk in NYC than it is to cross the street. 

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