Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Is This for the Ultimate White Whine?

Kevin and I bought a new TV this past weekend.  We upgraded from an old tube model to a much bigger flat screen with a few whizbangs and gizmos.

Our old TV was twenty years old.  Let me me point out that it worked fine.  Over the years we have watched it regularly and it never failed us.  That TV served us faithfully for more than a decade.

So why get rid of it?  Why would we throw out a perfectly functional television set?  (Unless we can find someone to give it a home, we plan to take it down to the electronics recycling center.)

Why?  You'll just love this reason.

(Wait for it)

We're getting rid of it because...

(You're really gonna love this)

I bought some new Kinect games recently and the resolution on the old TV was terrible.  I couldn't read the onscreen instructions for the games.  It made playing correctly almost impossible.  We needed a good HDTV flat screen so we could see what we were doing while playing with the Kinect.

First World Problem!

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