Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Style 101 - Just a Little Edgy

Saturday night I went to see Mike Doughty at City Winery.  It's a really fun venue and when you're going downtown like that, it feels like you can get away with being a little outrageous.

I fell in love with these boots at the 9 West Outlet this winter.  I love the combination of high heels, granny boots, and fleecy hiking boots.  I found they presented a unique problem though.  How can I wear them in a way that showcases all of their unique qualities?  I wore them with a pair of ordinary, straight-leg Levis and found that no matter how low I cuffed the boots, the fleece wouldn't show.  I tried wearing them with skinny jeans and not cuffing them at all and tucking the jeans into the top of them.  These boots weren't really meant to contain pant legs.  The jeans bagged out unflatteringly over the top of them. 

I tried cuffing my jeans over them as well as wearing them with skirt.  Nothing looked quite right.  I had to settle for skinny jeans sitting over the top of them. 

On to the makeup.  I have a rather unusual eye makeup look that goes in for impossible contrasts.  I learned this almost by accident.  One evening I was working in the city and had learned that certain branches of The Body Shop were doing free makeovers.  Never one to miss an opportunity for new makeup ideas, I decided I was in need of some toiletries and should go by there and check it out.  When I sat in the chair I told the makeup artist I was always interested in trying new looks.  What could he offer me?

I saw him grab an eyeshadow in a shade of shocking purpley-pink.  I wondered if perhaps I shouldn't have been so keen on a totally new look.  I relaxed once he began blending it.  The color became much softer as he worked it over my eyelids. 

Then it grew even more radical.  He grabbed a black eyeliner and then a black mascara.  I can't think of a time I had ever used black against pink - dark purple maybe, but never bright pink.  He never bothered to put anything on my cheeks and then tried a few sheer lip colors on me until I found one I liked (as always, the raspberry that is my staple). 

It was a pretty easy look to create at home.  I had a Body Shop eyeshadow in a sparkly lavender-pink that I had been neglecting (I had aquired it as a freebie).  It was the kind of color I rocked in high school, but until the day of that makeover never considered wearing again.  I worked it in well and then topped it off with black eyeliner and mascara.  I used the barest minimum of cheek color.  I used a blush called Lovely by Bare Minerals.

When I want to go super-dramatic I use cake eyeliner.  If you go this route, make sure you have good eye makeup remover.  The stuff does not come off easily.  Even after some attentive removal, I do tend to wake up in the morning with smudgy raccoon eyes.  I think it looks sort of cool actually.

Not bad for a night out.  The concert was pretty awesome too!

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