Saturday, July 14, 2012

So What Are You Doing Right Now?

I'm thinking of coming up with a new "theme" post (like my "Things I Don't Get" series) where I take something I see posted on Facebook and post my reactions in my blog.  It seems FB posts are inspiring many of my blogs lately.

So what is today's Facebook post that has my brain turning?  Well, I'm seeing quite a few of these posts lately.

For the record, seatbelt  and car seat laws began in the 80s, so this piece is a bit bogus anyway.

And this

It's the same thing over and over.  Adults complain about how kids aren't going out to play and  using their bodies and their imaginations instead of electronics.  Oh the horror.

Why is no one addressing why aren't kids going outside to play?  No one is forcing them to stay inside with the video games and Facebook.

If you are an adult reading this, and especially if you are a parent, what are you doing right now?  Well, obviously you are on the internet reading blogs!  If your childhood activities were so great, why aren't you doing them and encouraging your child to do likewise?

Adults can't seem to get offline.  We're on Facebook constantly.  We have our smartphones permanently attached to us.  We say we can't live without our tablets (as if our tablets somehow control our respiratory, digestive, circulatory, excretory, and digestive systems).  What are we teaching our children?  We can tell them over and over again that it's better to play outside, that they need fresh air and exercise, that they will stimulate their brains more if they have to come up with things to do, but why should they listen?  Adults are constantly connected.  Adults are always online.  How are we supposed to tell our children the outside is so great if we don't go outside ourselves?

Here is the heart of the issue.  Besides the fact that adults seem incapable of setting a proper example for getting kids offline and away from the screens, we also have this stupid overprotective thing going on.  If you leave your kid outside, he'll die!  So even if a kid starts to wonder if maybe the bigger world has more to offer, he's too afraid to explore it.

If you have an issue with how kids these days play, try looking in the mirror.

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