Friday, November 16, 2012

Through Others' Eyes

I have decided that if my FB status is going to be super-long, I should just make it into a short blog.  That way I don't lose my blogging mojo.

Tonight I'm going to be seeing the Juilard String Quartet at the Emelin Theater with Kevin's sister-in-law.  It's something I might not have considered doing before.  I rarely ever pay attention to what's playing at the Emelin unless it's an act I'm dying to see (e.g. Dar Williams, the Wailin' Jennys). 

Ever since Kevin's family relocated to Mamaroneck, I feel as if I'm seeing my town through new eyes. 

Kevin and I like living in Mamaroneck.   We think the town has a lot to offer. Unfortunately we're so busy with work and horses and so many activities that take place out of town that we often ignore what's under our noses.  That is slowly changing.

I see how my SIL and nephew seem so happy in their new home.  They genuinely like the town.  SIL asks me often about the happenings in town.  What are the concerts and the plays?  Where do I shop? What are the best restaurants? (I have made a point to introduce her to DeCicco's and Siren Boutique.)  It can't be easy for them to be newcomers to a new town where they don't know anyone besdies Kevin and me.  It makes sense that they would be looking for as many activities as possible.  It has to be particularly hard for my SIL who is left alone while my nephew is at school and goes out more as he makes new friends.  I'm so happy that they are finding ways to stay occupied and enjoy themselves while they are here.

This is really turning out to be an advantage for me.  In helping them find their way around I am becoming better acquainted with my town.  I'm seeing things in a new way.  I'm doing things I hadn't done before.  I'm exploring my community more.  Tonight it's the Juliard String Quartet.  It looks like I'll be taking the other niece and nephew to see Nut/Cracked, a ballet spoof, at the Emelin in a couple of weeks.  By seeing where I live through someone else's eyes, I'm seeing it in a new way through my own eyes. 

I would encourage everyone to take a second look at where they live and see what it has to offer.  You never know what you might discover.

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