Monday, November 5, 2012

Yes, Chris Christie Is Still a Republican

Believe it or not, I'm cool with that. 

To say I'm not a fan of the man would be an understatement.  I abhor fat-shaming and yet I have often referred to him as "Governor Fatslob" with glee.  In general my opinion of him is not much higher than it is of most politicians of his ilk.  Nonetheless, he is who he is.  He's allowed to be the kind of politician he wants to be and if the people of New Jersey want to have him in office, it's not really my problem.

Whatever I have thought of him in the past, I commend him for the job he is doing regarding Hurricane Sandy.  He's a lifelong Jersey Boy and it shows.  He is trying very hard to restore his beloved state.
Restoring his state unfortunately includes reaching out to President Obama in order to receive FEMA assistance.  Boy did that seem to open up a can of worms in the Republican party!

The president made a visit to NJ.  Christie welcomed him, toured the disaster areas with him, and discussed relief options.  They worked together civilly and cooperated well.  Christie praised his concern and his efforts.

Now the right wing pundits are coming out in full force.  They have accused Christie of sleeping with the enemy.  They have accused Obama of not actually doing anything.  They are making all kinds of excuses for why Christie would do such a thing.  They even seem to think he's moving to the other side.  He has gone from Romney's chief spokesman to Obama supporter.

What I find particularly amusing is that Romney is now publicly making statements about how Christie was almost his veep candidate.  He reminds us over and over again that Christie was a top choice.  Some liberal pundits are saying this is an apology for Ryan, but to me it seems like an appeal to Christie.  He's begging Christie not to desert him.

This is becoming beyond ridiculous.  Christie put partisan politics aside for the good of his constituents.  While the President of the United States was visiting his state, Christie gave the respect due to the office of the President of the United States.  There is nothing wrong with that.

Christie is still who he is.  He's still a Republican.  Now the rest of you Republicans please unknot your panties!  What has the world come to that when a politician does the right thing and does his job well, that it's now considered a bad move?

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