Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weeks 28 and 29. Vacation and Recovery

I really didn't have any time to make a post last week to discuss how I survived vacation.  I always go away with the best of intentions, but somehow things do tend to fall apart when I'm away.

The bad news is I gained five pounds last week.  It's no surprise.  While I was in Chincoteague I ate all of the following:

Belgian waffle
Turkey and brie sandwich
Roast beef, Gruyere, and caramelized onion sandwich
Chicken fried steak
Fried chicken
Pulled Pork and corn fritters
Ice cream
Hot fudge sundae
Caramel cream puff (split with husband, so not so bad)
Giant piece of chocolate layer cake (Husband ordered with the intention of not sharing.  It was so huge he had no choice but to give me - and everyone else at the table - a few bites.)

So yes, it's no surprise that I would gain weight.  I did do many things right though.  I ordered all of the food on the list, but I am much better at knowing when to stop eating it.  I took all of my supplements each day.

I also did my strength training workouts.  My hotel used to have a really poorly-equipped gym, but recently they added free weights, so doing my workouts exactly as prescribed was much easier than I expected it to be.  There were only two exercises I had to modify due to having the wrong equipment.

I didn't work out as hard as I had hoped on non-strength days.  I took a long bike ride around the nature trails one day.  I also tried to get in as much swimming as possible, but the water at the beach was crazy cold all week until my very last day.  I had been looking forward to a round of paddle boarding like the one I did last year, but the outfitter moved off island and I didn't know where else to go.  (I should have just booked a kayak instead, but I was lazy.)

Since the last habit was to eat a protein and a vegetable at every meal, I made a real effort to make sure that there were vegetables among some of the junk I ate.  That included going to the farmer's market and buying some tomatoes so that I could have a vegetable at breakfast.
Yes I know tomatoes are a fruit.  They count as a vegetable in LE land, okay?

My coach was very understanding about the food choices and was pleased I managed to do so much while away.  I feel a bit better about it all. 

This month  LE has been issuing the team various personal challenges, both for food and exercise.  Last week we had to do a vegan day.  That's a tough one for me.  It was particularly tough in Chincoteague, where it is almost impossible to do this if you're not preparing all of your own meals.  That's why I waited until this week to do it.  This week's challenge was an ancestral diet challenge.  In other words I had to eat a paleo diet for a day.  This challenge was much easier as I tend to eat that way anyway.  It did remind me to stay off the sugar though.  I think both challenges helped me take off  4 of the 5 pounds I gained.  We were also supposed to try to make a healthy pizza.  I admit I haven't done this one yet.  I plan to do it next week.

The physical challenge was the most fun though.  I did a burpee challenge.  One day 1 I did 1 burpee.  Then each day I had to add one more, eventually adding up to 25.  I wasn't required to do them consecutively, but I did.

I wanted to prove that I had completed the challenge, so I took video.  Here I am doing all 25 in a row.

As I mentioned before, I'm down 4 pounds this week, which means I'm still down just 11 pounds total.  I haven't done my measurements for today yet.  Since I just finished another workout phase, I have to take photos again.  This was not a particularly transformative phase of LE for me, but I can still move forward.  I need to commit to making the coming weeks better.  Bring on the new exercise phase!

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