Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Random Thoughts

I hate pullups.

Lesson learned: Don't let the first 10 minutes of your ride get you down for an entire lesson.  Sometimes your horse needs a few minutes to get into the zone.  You can turn that ride around.

Reason #36 to keep Facebooking to a minimum:  Those ad-based posts.  Some of those ads are for the dumbest, spammiest products ever.  What's worse is that people comment on them.  Why would you want to be involved in a comment thread on an ad?

Autocorrect is so funny.  I tried to write "spammiest" and it kept trying to rewrite it as "spam modest."  Modest spam always wears a can.

Am I the only person who loses herself in LinkedIn?  I look someone up for a purpose and then find myself interested in that person's contacts and then I see who those people's contacts are... Truly we have reached the state of six degrees of separation.  I am amazed at how people I know are connected to each other in ways I never would have guessed.

Two commercials I hate:  1. Subaru commercials - all of them.  2. Those Charmin commercials.  Sure the bear thing was funny in the early days with the play on what bears do in the woods.  Now showing a washing machine and saying, "This is one way to keep your underwear clean and our toilet paper is the other way," is just nasty.  Also "enjoy the go" is not a great tag line.

I sit in the office in my summer dress freezing in the air conditioning.  The men are all too warm in their suits, so they take off their jackets.  Why can't one of them be gallant and offer me the jacket he quite obviously isn't using?

Some people are just addicted to anger.  Have you ever noticed that?  They find one thing to be angry about, and sometimes it's justified and righteous, and the next thing you know they have to find another dozen issues to be angry about.   Some people are just not happy unless they're angry at something or with someone.

Are liberals lazy bums who don't want to work and collect public assistance, or are they wealthy elitists who are out of touch with real Americans?  I'm still trying to figure that one out.  Also, which one am I?

I need an excuse to call someone "a complete kneebiter." ("Smeghead" will also suffice)

Now that we have removed all of our clothes, shoes, and accessories out of the closet, how will we ever get it all back in?

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