Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 21 - What Would It Take?

I am very pleased to have lost three of the five pounds I gained.  I suppose much of that weight was water weight.  I am now down about 10 inches as well. I had sword I would follow every habit to the letter this week.  I didn't exactly do that, but I followed them enough it seems.  My progress might be slow, but it's happening.

I'm not sure if anyone who is following this blog read my post for Week 20.  It's here on the blog, but if you use Facebook to follow my posts, you probably missed it because I never got around to posting it on Facebook.  If you are that desperate to read it, just scroll past the long-winded "What I did in San Francisco" post.

I am almost 6 months into the program.  I'll be hitting the halfway mark.  At the end of the six-week workout cycle I'll have to take photos again.  What will I see?  What do I hope to see?  Where do I go from here?

I wanted to be halfway to my goal weight by the time the year was half over.  That would be a total of 15 pounds (well, 15.5 really since my goal is to lose 31 pounds or you could say 20.5 since my fantasy goal is to lose 41 pounds).  I am down 9 pounds right now, having lost as much as 11 pounds on the program and gaining back two.  I asked myself this week, "What would it take to get to the halfway mark by the end of June?"

I know exactly what it would take.  It will take almost complete compliance.  It will take a willingness to prioritize my goals over food.  It will mean never slacking off on my workouts and doing each one fully and with intention.

Coaches and mentors keep saying the second half of the year is where the real progress happens, so let's see what happens.

The new habit this week is to take a branch chain amino acid supplement after every workout.  This is a pretty simple one, which I guess is supposed to give us a breather after spending two weeks drinking calorie-free beverages.  They claim it's supposed to help with recovery as BCAAs are supposed to help maintain muscle tissue.  My lessons this week have been all about recovery and what different activities you can do to recover.  They have even changed the workout cycle.   Since it's a six-week cycle, on the fourth week we actually scale back with the weights and do more active recovery on the non-weight days rather than high-intensity workouts.

Now that I don't have dance class anymore, I have to find some fun activities to do for active recovery.  I can go back to taking long walks in the neighborhood, but that can get old fast.  I used to like Rollerblading and my skates are sitting in my car trunk collecting dust and exhaust fumes.  I just need a good place to skate.  I used to like Kensico Dam, but the last few times I was there the path hadn't been well-maintained and the pavement was becoming too rough and bumpy to skate.  SUNY Purchase is better, but I'm not confident enough on skates to deal with those hills.  Maybe after work I should head to Central Park and "hike".  I have also considered keeping up dance classes by going to the Broadway Dance Center where I can take classes on a pay-as-you-go basis.  I have been considering taking a class in something I have had no experience in like contemporary or perhaps take another try at my first love, ballet.  I am reluctant to take ballet because it requires minimal clothing.  I don't feel good enough about my body right now to appear in public in just tights and a leotard.  I can reconnect with my Kinect.  Also, it's been a while since I last sat down and did a full-length yoga session.

On to Week 22.  Let's see if I can get down another two pounds this week.

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