Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 20 - What I Learned on Vacation

Ugh! I am now five pounds heavier than I was on my lowest LE weight. I gained two pounds on my trip, which was added to the three pounds I gained the week before. This is such a critical time for me. I am falling back to old patterns. I do hope some of that vacation weight is just water weight though.

I learned a few lessons this week about vacation eating. Even though I gained some weight, this was the most disciplined vacation I ever had (although that might not be saying much).

1. It is possible to eat all five servings of vegetables each day on vacation.

2. Foam rolling is vitally important. With no foam roller to help keep my muscles massaged I had to schedule my workouts around how sore I was rather than keeping to my regular schedule.

3. You need more than good intentions to keep from ordering desserts - or even sharing ones with your husband.

4. It is possible to just drink water with meals when you're out.

5. If you're a tourist, you're probably not as active as you think you're being.

6. Your hotel gym is not likely to have all of the equipment you need to do your regular workout. It is possible to improvise. For example, I had no squat cage or smith machine to do my reverse rows. There were two treadmills right next to each other. I lay between them, grabbed the handrail on either side, and pulled my upper body up from there.

This week I vow to follow every habit to the letter. No slacking off! I am almost to the halfway point and I haven't been totally happy with the results. Time to recommit!

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