Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 22 - Officially Halfway

This is the official halfway mark of the program.  So far I am down 10.2 pounds, 10 inches, and 4% body fat.  I didn't lose a full two pounds this week, although I think I put in a good effort.  I barely lost any girth either.

I am looking at the end of the month.  That is my personal unofficial halfway point.  I am looking at this journey as the course of a whole year and not just the weeks of the program.  That's why I am still looking at the second half of June as a chance to lose 4 more pounds and be halfway to my goal weight.  Also, at the end of the month I will be finished with the current workout phase, have another series of photos, and I believe another bodyfat measurement.

Then I considered two very important points.

The first is I'm becoming too obsessed with the scale.  LE has four methods of measuring progress.  The scale is one of them.  The girth measurements are another.  The bodyfat measurements are yet another.  Then we round it all out with photos for a visual picture of what's happening.  What else am I seeing besides what I see on the scale.

The other  point is that I'm becoming obsessed with the time I have left.  I keep thinking, "What can I do to make a change before the program ends?"  That's a very good question, because the program will end.  What if I don't make my goals before the end of the year?  What if I do?  After a year of forming habits and doing intense workouts, should I just stop what I'm doing?  Of course not!  I will need to come up with a plan though for my post LE life. 

I would hate to not make a dramatic change by the end of the year because it means I will definitely not win any prize money, but I have to accept that not being where I want to be at the end of the year is a possibility.  I have motivations beyond the prize money to either get to my goal body, or maintain the goal body I have achieved.  A month after the program ends I have my Costa Rica trip.  I'm going to want to stay on track for that.  I'm sure I can find other motivations once I return from the trip.

Precision Nutrition started out as just a DIY program.  They still sell the materials for that on the website and I might buy it so I always have it for reference.  Nerd Fitness is a great website and has some good workout programs for sale.  I might try them too. 

But I suppose the point of the program is the name of my team.  Today, not Tomorrow.  So it's on to another week and another habit and hopefully just a tad more progress.

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