Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Thoughts for the Week

I am trying to understand the people, particularly the regressives, who are happy to the level of rejoicing over the Zimmerman verdict.  The reason seems to be that they feel the justice system did its job and that the courts worked the way they were supposed to work.  The jury looked at the evidence and found it was too weak for conviction (even though killing an unarmed person with a gun should be a manslaughter charge regardless of who started it).  If someone honestly feels that way, that it's really only about the fairness of the jury having insufficient evidence, then I want to know if you felt the same way about OJ Simpson, or Casey Anthony.  I certainly hope so because I would hate to think the rejoicing comes from the fact that this trial isn't just a confirmation of all of your prejudices and expectations about the behavior of "The Other."

How to choose a personal trainer:  Do it by process of elimination.  If you see a trainer putting his or her clients on a smith machine, a pec deck, a butt blaster, the sex machines, shoulder press machine, or a leg press, cross that trainer off your list. That goes double if you see the trainer use those machines herself.  The right trainer will help you carry those machines out of the gym and get the bonfire going.

How did I get so covered in mosquito bites this week?  It seems they are creeping under my skirt while I wait for the train in the morning.  The back of my left thigh looks like it just spent a month at summer camp.  I should not have to deal with this sort of thing in downtown Mamaroneck.  I am going to have enough to deal with killer skeeter populations in Chincoteague next week.  I think that's more than enough to deal with!

I realized recently that we need a sequel to Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.  You know what I would call it?  Margaret Goes to Summer School.  There was on thing I never got about that book.  She was supposed to spend the school year doing an independent study on any topic of her choosing.  She chose her subject (religion) and got so distressed about it that she never actually completed any research.  At the end of the year she just hands Mr. Miles J a lame apologetic letter. Did she really get away with that?  Really?  Hey Margaret, if the topic upset you that much, I can suggest a really good alternative - choose another topic.  I hope that camp she went to at the end of the novel was some kind of educational camp where she could work on some kind of academic project.  You wouldn't want her to be left behind the other PTS girls at school.

In a Facebook discussion on a religiously (or really non-religiously) oriented page someone recently posted a meme saying that to know Islam is to know peace.  Of course the peacefulness of Islam is hotly contested in our society.  One could also make similar arguments against Christianity, Judaism, and just about any other major religion on this planet.  Large groups of religious people like to commit acts of violence on other large groups of religious people.  Despite this, every religion on this planet will also say they believe in peace and that peace is a higher priority over war.  I suppose for many people religion is peace.  People do take inner peace from their religion.  It seems for the individual, religion X (whatever one you practice) is a religion of peace.  It can easily stop being a religion of peace in large groups.

I'm really getting tired of the "Obama is listening in on your phone calls" meme.  One would think the PATRIOT Act was enacted last week instead of over 10 years ago during the Bush administration (where are the memes showing Cheney listening in on our calls?).  Stop pretending to be so enraged about it now because you realized all of these years later that it's still happening under this administration.  With the exception of those Republicans who thought it was a great idea when Bush was President, no one likes the PATRIOT Act.  However, I can guarantee you, the president is not listening in on your personal calls to you boyfriend.  Don't flatter yourself that you're that important.

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